‘Teaching’ at OpenLab Design Academy |


What happens when students organise their own education? This month we have been mentoring the Open Lab students at Design Academy Eindhoven, who have completely shaped their own education this semester. To enlighten people from outside on what happens when students are in charge of their own education, they curated an exhibition. Visitors are taken by the hand through the […]

New portraits.. YAY!! |


The super talented Aisha Zeijpveld made these lovely new portraits of our team. We re-constructed a corner of our Pencil vs Pixel project, which proved to be a great backdrop with interesting angles and hovering ‘pixels’. This way we were able to re-use one of our beloved projects in a purely aesthetic way. We styled our wardrobe to become one with the materials. Hopefully there will […]

ROOM 101 | ROOM 010 |

output_MWGRC7 site

We are working on a new exciting project this year: two hotel rooms that are connected at a distance.  Based on the recently announced proof that so-called Quantum Entanglement is actually possible, studio KNOL proposes a spatial entangled experience. In the world of quantum physics, where the smallest particles play the main characters, a lot is happening since last autumn. Einstein has been […]

hello Jana |


For the very short period of just one month, Jana will be enforcing KNOL’s team. She is doing her post-graduate in furniture design in Mechelen, Belgium. We are happy that Jana is joining us with her insights, and hope to be able to give her some of us in return. She will mainly be working on our latest project-in-development: Room 101 | […]

speaking at ‘Design Post Amsterdam’ |


Studio KNOL will present the ‘Out of Office’ project during DPT # 11 of January 28, 2016. Subject of the evening is to put the differences in comfort, style and effectiveness – and the role that design can play in it – in both the flex spot as the traditional business office together.

PHILIPS campaign |

philips 1

KNOL created the sets for Philips latest worldwide campaign ‘Hue’, a wireless smart lighting system. The footage was shot in a large villa in Bloemendaal. The set design included a living room, kitchen, dining table, outdoor camping, bedroom, yoga space, hallway, boys room, garden and puppet theater.

Pencil vs Pixel on Tour |


KNOL on tour.. yes, we almost feel like a band. With our project Pencil vs Pixel (exploring the future of educational spaces) we’ve been attending these and more locations to present the outcomes of our experiment. Our aim: slowly infiltrating the educational system;)

Teaching at HKU |

hku les

Studio KNOL will be involved in the department of Spatial Design at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Utrecht. Today we kicked off our first class with… social strategies, ‘soft city mapping’ and observation methods. Aspects that we work a lot with in our own projects! It will be an energizing period with lots of spatial interventions in one of Utrechts potential neighborhoods. We are looking […]

Visit us at Dutch Design Week |

collective [ir]Rationality

new talent in the making |


We are happy to announce that we were recently granted a prestigious talent fund from the Creative Industries Fund NL. This will help us in the upcoming year to develop our identity as a studio, and become even more recognizable in the way we work. We thank the Creative Industries Fund for the great support and trust in our studio!

de Verhalenfabriek |


Kinderboeken Museum Den Haag, Sjoerd ter Borg and studio KNOL present a new children’s exhibition called De Verhalenfabriek (the story factory). This enchanting expo will open this sunday 21st of June, and provides children with a space to create their own stories. These stories are not only expressed in words, but also in images, shapes ad colours which are composed on […]



We have an intern position free from september till december. If you are multi-talented, broadly oriented, and interested in working with us, please mail us a compact motivation and portfolio of max 5MB before the end of August. KNOL offers internships for students in the field of interior architecture, spatial and product design, or in the field of design management / communication. Interns […]

Phase two; building with virtuality |


The ‘Pencil vs Pixel’ project has entered the second stage! In this phase, the physical classroom transforms into an interactive, spatial application that you can unlock via your mobile phone. In cooperation with Augmented Reality artist Luciano Pinna a system is created in which the architecture is still physically perceivable but students are yet experimenting with virtual tools. In the classroom are several […]

Pencil vs Pixel LAUNCHED! |


One year after the success of Out of Office we are again working with the dreamteam: KNOL + Anna Dekker + Christiaan Bakker. Proudly we announce that the project Pencil vs Pixel is launched! In the upcoming two months we will investigate the future of education by an interesting mix of spatial design and social research. We have built an environment in […]

first steps into the world of quantum physics |


Quantum Teleportation. A topic that not many people are very familiar with. But the term raises a lot of interest, and when you start thinking about it for a tiny bit longer, the imagination starts to flow. Scientists in Delft are working in this highly abstract but world-changing field, and are currently in the stage of proving that teleportation of information is […]

Milan Design Week |

news milan

The Milan design week is coming up! Visit us in Ventura Lambrate between April 14th and 19th. Room for Inspiration | These days we are always connected,  time to rest and retreat has become seldom. Room for Inspiration is a dynamic multi-sensorial space designed to stimulate awareness of the self. It reacts to people’s presence and creates a personal ambient […]

new at KNOL |

milou_foto copy

Milou, a student from the HKU, has joined our studio and will be working with us during her internship period. We are glad to have her in the team and are sure we will be developing new interesting ‘stories’ together. Since Milous original discipline is Product Design, we also hope to provide her with new insights in the more spatial approach that we handle.

symposium/workshop HKU |


The HKU (art academy in Utrecht) came with an interesting proposal for a symposium. They aimed to create a better connection between the directions Spatial, Product and Fashion by inviting cross-over artists for a small presentation followed up by an extensive workshop. KNOL gave a workshop on how to build spatial stories. Together with the students we analyzed several of the ‘invisible […]

a new social experiment |

school is out

This year, KNOL will work on the sequel of our widely published project Out of Office. Together with MU (open art space and initiator of the project) and Sint lucas (a creative media school), we will again set up a socio-spatial experiment in Eindhoven. This time, it evolves around the topic ‘The future of the school’. An actual investigation will be […]

the theatre as urban developer |


The theatre of Zwolle has a new director with urban ambitions. Margreet Wieringa believes that the theatre is more and more interfering with the public (city) life. She made a start by opening the lobby of the theatre, not only during show hours, but from the early morning on. During these hours it is a place to meet and to work. By also […]

rock-/roadtrip USA |


The past 3 months Celine has been travelling the USA to bring the KNOL spirit to new heights. We are happy to have her back (without any broken legs)!

The Future of Light |


The city of Eindhoven has a reputation as a pioneer in light design. Not only is the city known for being the mother of the first lightbulb factory ever (Philips), it is still a great forerunner in light concepts. The city council has a clear goal: to use lighting in the public space in such an innovative way that it contributes to the quality of […]

new project under construction |

relaxation space

We are working on a new exciting project: the RELAXATION CHAPEL. The space is currently being installed and will soon be in use for hopefully many relaxing moments. The project is a CRISP cooperation between TU Delft, Philips Design, KNOL, De Bende and GGZE, aiming to develop an environment that targets work-related stress. The space will provide a short ambient session with interactive […]

teaching at eindhoven’s university of technology |


Since the beginning of this semester, KNOL’s Jorien is teaching at Wearable Senses, the department within Industrial Design at TU/e that focuses on smart wearables.  The projects look at how these products fit the body and measure bodily parameters and behaviour. How can we combine: hard electronics with soft materials, craftsmanship with innovative technology and smart textiles, functionality with fashion, and sewing with […]

the best of Brabant |


Red and White, the colours of Brabant. In this food concept by KNOL they come together into an explosion of taste. 12 red and white dressed servants prepare exciting little bites and drinks, all composed of vibrant ingredients in these two colours. Guests for example receive a shot of yoghurt with a cranberry-anise blend, prepared by us in a large juice […]

Talkshow Stadsleven |


The team of our Out of Office project (KNOL + Anna Dekker + Christiaan Bakker) was invited for Tracy Metz’s talkshow Stadsleven (urban life), a monthly hot-topic talkshow with this editions theme ‘Work is where the WiFi is’… A great and dynamic evening! photos by Bibi Veth; visualstoryteller.nl

Sketch Rietveld College |


We are working with enthusiasm on a sketch proposal for an installation at the Gerrit Rietveld College, a secondary school in Utrecht that will soon move to a brand new building. KNOLs projects are always initially context-related so we dived devotedly into the outs and abouts of ‘School Life’ and defined a number archetypes of students; each with different social behaviour. How do the students make use […]

We have a new studio! |


KNOL has moved to a new spot; a former firehouse in Amsterdam North. We have transformed the space into a beautiful open and light studio, and are looking forward to all the projects that we will be doing from here! Within the studio, the following designers will be collaborating: Jorien Kemerink & Celine de Waal Malefijt – www.storiesbyknol.com Ruiter Janssen – www.ruiterjanssen.nl Aisha Fouad – www.aishafouad.com Sjoerd […]

Vacancy Studies published |


Many bunkers, forts, churches, castles, hospitals, water towers, post offices, prisons, palaces, and airports are empty. The book Vacancy Studies provides the architecture and design world with an optimistic perspective on the temporary reuse of vacant spaces. It shows how designers can significantly contribute to this social issue through ‘strategic interventions’ which make new ways of thinking and experimenting possible. The graduation projects […]

A new face at KNOL |


Marinika is joining our studio for the summer. She is originally from Russia, but studied at Central St. Martin’s in London, with a master in performance design. She is a talented designer with experience in interior architecture that will help us create new beautiful (theatrical) stories!

making (eating) insect chocolates |

dtrh3 copy

This weekend Down the Rabbit Hole took place; a new festival near Nijmegen. Together with Andre Amaro, KNOL prepared Insect Delicatessen: fruit chocolates with edible grasshoppers – to give the festival visitors a protein boost. We installed this chocolate department inside our own little rabbit hole: a tiny military bunker… photo and video by Menke Visser

de goede MORGEN |

de morgen ooo publicatie

Out of Office made the belgian newspaper De Morgen, with an exciting article about the new hype around flexworking…

camping in vacancy |


KNOL’s intern Joep Slagter has proposed an indoor camping concept for the beautiful vacant Honig factory  in Nijmegen. Every year, about 42.000 people flood the city to walk the famous Vierdaagse; Hollands biggest march. There is an enormous need for accommodation during these few days. An indoor campsite could help providing temporary homes for the walkers. The factory’s location is very central but the space is […]

Out of Office featured on ‘de Correspondent’ |


‘de Correspondent’, a progressive Dutch news platform, has published an elaborate article about the Out of Office project. Vera Mulder was the only journalist that truly witnessed the transformations and made a very worth-to-read piece! Read the story

Pecha Kucha Night |


KNOL presented during Pecha Kucha night in Club Trouw, Amsterdam. In just 20 x 20 seconds the story of the experimental ‘Out of Office’ project had to be told…

Opening Out of Office |

OoO opening

Out of Office has opened it’s doors! KNOL and Christiaan Bakker designed the  interior for this special flexworking space in De Witte Dame – a former industrial Philips building in the heart of Eindhoven. Every urban nomad is invited to work in one of the areas in this 300 m2 space. foto’s: Boudewijn Bollmann

Meet the new intern |


Joep, our new intern, studies Industrial Design at the University of Technology Eindhoven. Joep will be working on several new projects, bringing  some surprising technologies into our stories.

Opening soon… |


OUT OF OFFICE | a new flexwork concept that will soon open in Eindhoven. Ever since technology has allowed it, we have been working everywhere, anytime. Over the course of the day, we switch environments for renewed courage and a change of scenery. The new flexible work space of Eindhoven, Out of Office, is a collection of different work environments. […]

KNOL’s insects on Wired.com |


Elaborate article on WIRED, devoted to KNOL’s insect installation ‘Illusions of a small world‘. The article was written as a result of the Quay Brothers opening at Eye Film institute Amsterdam in December, where the insect installation plus Bugbar surprised many visitors. Read the article.

Fontys Renovates |


The school Fontys is on the verge of breaking open their walls, and creating a big open auditorium space for all students and teachers. Such a renovation doesn’t usually run as smoothly as everyone hopes. What happens when teachers have to give up their fixed workspaces and desks? What atmosphere does everyone feel comfortable in? How to use the same space for […]

Featured on Designboom |


Read the article here.

New at KNOL |


Marta, an Italian space designer, is temporarily joining our studio for the coming months. She graduated from Polytecnico di Milano, direction Interior Architecture. We are happy to have her with us!

skinned on dezeen |


Special feature of the project Skinned on DEZEEN. Read the article here.

KNOL welcomes… |


KNOL welcomes Anna, a bright social urban planner. From now on, Anna joins our team when it comes to larger-scale projects and developing spatial stories. She is an LSE-graduate (London) and specializes in interactions in human-built environments. From a square in a specific neighbourhood to urban agglomerations; every scale requires thought when designing adaptations in the space. Anna carries out […]

Beijing baby |


KNOL’s Jorien is invited by the curators of Starting Something to fly to China during Beijing Design week and give a masterclass at students of CAFA , the biggest art academy in China. The work she and the students made on site is shown in a marvellous vacant building at the 751 district, an enormous abandoned industrialarea now starting to develop […]

SKINNED in bright magazine |


The project Skinned was featured in Bright Magazine. Jorien Kemerink (26) | School: Sandberg Instituut Amsterdam, Studie: VacantNL. Een stukje van het Rijksmuseum stelen? Dat gebouw dat gesloopt wordt voor altijd in een doos bewaren? Skinned is een groeiende verzameling afdrukken van bijzondere delen van architectuur. Voornamelijk van leegstaande gebouwen zoals ruim tienduizend staatseigendommen zoals watertorens, legerplaatsen, stadhuizen en scholen waarvoor de […]

featured on designboom |


read the article here

Opening transit mantra |

opening tunnel fotojoslammers4591

KNOL’s first permanent installation in  public space is ceremoniously opened! Elderwoman of Eindhoven Mary-Ann Schreurs (in the middle) and Knol’s Jorien + Celine had the honor of  being the first ones biking through the tunnel, activating the swarm of light and sound on the ceiling.