category: Food


Kip + Ei |

The chicken and the egg, inseparably connected in the circle of life. During the summer edition of the Modefabriek we show them together in their full glory. Stylish black and white chickens gave the immense and impersonal fair hall of the RAI a friendly rural atmosphere. Installation Chicken + Egg was set up as an integral part of the ‘Food Market’; […]


Proeftuinen |

A food installation for Eindhoven Cultural Capital 2018. Lunch is provided through ‘photo-sets’, with several furniture objects from which the 350 visitors can take their food. The three photo sets represent different sectors in the food industry of the future: the high-tech farm factory, the micro-scale food lab and the small local city gardens. Both innovations in technology and social […]


Foodlab+ |

During the Dutch Design Week 2011, Foodlab+ has opened its doors in Het Ketelhuis; a former industrial building at Strijp-s Eindhoven that has been vacant for years, and is now transformed into a lively meeting place by Andre Amaro. In the Foodlab+, any experiment around food can be done, and people from different disciplines can apply for an ‘artist in residence’ […]


Intersections |

Glass jars filled with intersections of food and plants on water, form a colourful table composition; The work shows a new approach on a traditional still life setting.   Influences of the technological revolution are interwoven, proclaiming the digital era. An experiment in which natural food is mutated by the technological and chemical revolution. The work was shown at Biennale […]

foto: Raf Gorissen

Still Life Revised |

A series of 3 still life settings, showing an imaginary perspective on how the future of food culture changes under influence of technology. Project in cooperation with Sylvie Meuffels


Technofood |

More and more, technology merges with our daily life. Also our food is increasingly subject to new forms of production and consumption. TNO is an important research and innovation organ in The Netherlands. One of their research divisions is completely dedicated to 3D food printing. Eventually, we will be able to print our complete meal artificially; meat will for example […]