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100 jaar De Stijl |

This year De Stijl celebrates it’s 100th birthday. Volkskrant Magazine interviewed and portrayed 4  leading design offices about the presence and influence of De Stijl in the current design practive. Together with Aisha Zeijpveld Studio KNOL portrayed Sholten&Baijings, Sabine Marcelis, Maarten Baas and Raw Color. published in the design issue of Volkskrant Magazine, 07-10-2017 Art direction | Aisha Zeijpveld and […]


Art direction |

In a world where spaces, objects, colors and graphics fill our surroundings, exquisite compositions can emerge. Studio KNOL works for corporate and cultural clients. We design and produce permanent or temporary interiors, photo and film sets. We work for a selection of brands, advertising agencies and art galleries and can be hired for both art direction and styling. Scroll down for a selection […]


Events |

Studio KNOL is a creative agency that works for corporate and cultural clients. By means of styling, spatial installations and food concepts, KNOL makes events into unforgettable sensorial experiences. To make them happen, we collaborate with a variety of builders, caterers and technicians. Scroll down for a selection of  previous events.. Download the brochure here Reach us at for a custom proposal […]


Consultancy |

Studio KNOL is a small group of creatives, able to shape to our client’s vision and inspire innovation. We work for corporate and cultural clients and can respond quickly to any creative issue, from organising workshops to proposing creative solutions. With a vibrant brainstorm, KNOL unites involved parties in an active way and helps them to give direction to their ideas. KNOL can also give creative advice by […]