the theatre as urban developer |


The theatre of Zwolle has a new director with urban ambitions. Margreet Wieringa believes that the theatre is more and more interfering with the public (city) life. She made a start by opening the lobby of the theatre, not only during show hours, but from the early morning on. During these hours it is a place to meet and to work. By also programming the (vacant but beautiful) buildings surrounding the theatre, she wants to explore a new exiting fusion between entrepreneurship and the theatre world. The theatre is located in the old centre of fortified Zwolle. The district is currently known for its modern art museum ‘de Fundatie’ which is located opposite the theatre. The little streets, charming spaces and hidden courtyards are still surprisingly unknown but will soon be developed into a lively scenery. KNOL, in cooperation with Titaannetwerk, has organised an inspiration-session with a big spectrum of different stakeholders and interested locals who want to dive into this exciting challenge. How can we make this district into a unique urban experience? The first mindblowing ideas are on the table, more to follow..