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After a long period of military use, Marineterrein Amsterdam will gradually acquire a new place in the city. With Marine Magazine, Bureau Marineterrein gives readers a glimpse into the future of Amsterdam and Marineterrein. Studio KNOL was responsible for the Design and Art Direction of the magazine.

The transformation of Marineterrein Amsterdam, as initiated in 2015, resulted in a July 2017 memorandum signed by the Municipal Executive. This ushered in a new phase in the relationship between the Marineterrein and the city. It also marked the end of a long period in which the Marineterrein was closed to the public. The Marineterrein will gradually acquire a unique, innovative, and colourful place in the social and economic fabric of the city. This magazine gives readers a glimpse into the future of Amsterdam and the Marineterrein, from the perspective of the people and the initiatives that currently operate there.

Writer Dirk Vis met four thinkers and do-ers who are making important contributions to the development of the area. Each of these individuals is developing, testing, and applying innovations that will one day have an impact on our lives. Journalist and researcher Saskia Naafs interviewed three representatives of the local government, the national government, and Bureau Marineterrein Amsterdam, asking them to share with her their dreams and expectations of the future of the Marineterrein.

This magazine also features two hospitality entrepreneurs, who explain the meeting places they created and the role they play in the synergy and interaction of the area. The essay ‘City in Sight’ examines the connections and relationships of the Marineterrein and the rapid growth and future development of Amsterdam and the surrounding metropolis. The area’s rich history will also come to light through a description of several unique locations at Marineterrein and through the short story ‘Gevlochten Land’ by Carolina Trujillo.

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Copyright | @2017, Bureau Marineterrein
Editiors | Jaapjan Berg & Marieke Berkers
Design and art direction | Studio KNOL
Text | Jaapjan Berg, Marieke Berkers, Saskia Naaf, Carolina Trujillo, Dirk Vis
Photography | Janus van den Eijnden, Jeroen Hofman, Matthijs Immink, Lonneke van der Palen, Maarten Pedroli, Studio KNOL, Sanders Troelsma, Arjen Veldt, Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau
Illustrations | Daniel Maarleveld