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Stress – especially work related stress – is a major issue in our current society. According to Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek, 10% of the Dutch working population suffers from burnout symptoms. Yearly, 30.000 people are declared incapacitated by mental health problems, of whom 9000 (30%) due to stress and overload. Stress at work is an emerging problem, affecting people on a personal, interpersonal and social level. Yet, this topic is still often considered taboo.

The Relaxation Chapel is a research project that offers a short retreat during work hours. It is a space where employees can reflect or meditate. The interactive space consists adaptive lighting that reacts on its users and guides with paced breathing rhythms. This immersive experience makes employees more aware of their body and the importance of rests during work hours. Through this project we aim to increase awareness within our society regarding the need for healthy and balanced working behavior.


The Room for Inspiration consists of multiple textile sheets. These semi-transparent walls create a fading depth, creating a layered haze of soft gradients. Different heights of passages create an awareness of the physical body and its presence in the space.


The project is part of the Creative Industry Scientific Program (CRISP), and forms a tight collaboration between several partners from various fields (i.e. academics, creative professionals, stress experts): TU Delft, Philips Design, GGzE, KNOL and De Bende. The installation was showcased at Salone del Mobile, Milan 2015. The installation is currently located at GGzE (Geestelijke gezondheidszorg Eindhoven), an institute for mental healthcare.


TU Delft –  Evelien van de Garde + Federico Trevia: research, design and process management
KNOL – spatial design and realization
Enforced by Christiaan Bakker and Lion Zeegers
De Bende – interactive lighting
GGzE – location and research