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We are working on a new exciting project this year: two hotel rooms that are connected at a distance. 

Based on the recently announced proof that so-called Quantum Entanglement is actually possible, studio KNOL proposes a spatial entangled experience. In the world of quantum physics, where the smallest particles play the main characters, a lot is happening since last autumn. Einstein has been proven wrong: there are ways for particles to be in connection with each other  a large distance. This connection does not need any medium in between like for example the glass fibre we use these days for data internet. Particles in an entangled state have the exact opposite status; if one says 1, the other says 0. If one says left, the other says right. A new law is discovered that proves there are forces with an impact yet unknown. We are on the verge of a new era; Imagine how it must have been when electricity was just discovered…

Studio KNOL followed this experiment on the spot, and was able to peak inside the labs of the scientists. Now that the news is spreading around the world rapidly, it is the right time to speculate and fantasise. What could this possibly mean for our daily environment? What if the objects around us become entangled with objects in another place?

ROOM 101 – ROOM 010 is a experimental hotel concept that embodies two hotel rooms, exactly mirrored in layout. Also the colourful graphic patterns are each other’s opposite. Lovers (or other guests) can stay overnight, one in rom 101 and the other in room 010. When one turns the light on, the light in the other room switches off. When one opens the curtains, the others’ curtains close. The presence of the ‘entangled’ person is felt, but not seen.