first steps into the world of quantum physics |


Quantum Teleportation. A topic that not many people are very familiar with. But the term raises a lot of interest, and when you start thinking about it for a tiny bit longer, the imagination starts to flow.

Scientists in Delft are working in this highly abstract but world-changing field, and are currently in the stage of proving that teleportation of information is actually possible. Data can be transmitted to another location without any physical connection like a fibre cable, or in other words: without the conduction of matter or light.  Once their experiment is successfully brought to an end, Einstein’s theory about the world of ‘locality’ is proven wrong, and we will enter a yet unknown era.

KNOL -in collaboration with Floor van Doremalen– joined this experiment with the role of ‘artistic translator’. With the support of Het Stimuleringsfonds we will be creating visual metaphors for the complex and intangible work that the scientists dedicate their lives to.

Image above: a microscopic photo of a diamond that is part of the scientific experiment, by Machiel Blok