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Torenkamer Expo |

Fifty-five young artists have been invited to work in the tiny Tower Room of the impressive estate of VondelCS this year, initiated by the AVROTROS radio program called Opium. In silent seclusion, each artist worked on a project for one week. Curator Aynouk Tan and Studio KNOL were asked to bring together all the different works of the tower artists in an innovative exhibition. […]


Trend Forum |

During the large Trend Forum ‘Futureland’ at De Modefabriek, forecaster Jan Agelink curated an interesting mix of objects and fashion items that together portrayed four important directions the fashion- and design industry is heading to. These directions are called Roaming – referring to modern nomadism and craftsmanship, Youniverse – a new trend of mindfullness, Factory of the Future – playful materials and a tech-y DoItYourself approach […]


Adidas NMD_ |

Adidas is releasing their newest sneaker label  NMD_. As a festive announcement the brand throws a party for music, media and sports influentials. This fashionable event is dedicated to urban nomadism; the lifestyle that inspired the sneakers. This 3D setting was created in line with the brand image, presenting graphic urban patterns on blocks. In this ‘miniature urban landscape’ guests could take photos to […]


Suggestive Constructions |

What do you design for a fashion event that will only come alive for two short days? This challenge is answered by temporary constructions and ‘suggestions’ of space. With these suggestions we mean (wooden) outlines in the form of frameworks, mirrored blocks that create optical illusions, popping colours and walls of curtain. The idea behind the spatial layout is simple: place […]


Kip + Ei |

The chicken and the egg, inseparably connected in the circle of life. During the summer edition of the Modefabriek we show them together in their full glory. Stylish black and white chickens gave the immense and impersonal fair hall of the RAI a friendly rural atmosphere. Installation Chicken + Egg was set up as an integral part of the ‘Food Market’; […]


Modefabriek |

Markets are temporary in nature; they can be built up and broken down in a very short time. People gather to buy and eat food products and to chat. This liveliness was the starting point of this interior of a large food area at MODEFABRIEK 2014, the most prominent fashion tradeshow in The Netherlands. For the duration of only 2 days, a […]


Inkjet |

Short film commissioned by The Oneminutes