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Post Fossil City |

Climate change. Who hasn’t seen the images of lonely polar bears balancing on the melting ice blocks? The warning signs have been blinking red for years: it’s time to get rid of oil, coal, and gas. No more fossil fuels. And then what? Emptiness. Most of us have no clue what a post-fossil future looks like. We simply can’t imagine […]

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Imagining Urban Futures |

Imagining Urban Futures is a platform that was erected by Utrecht University. It promotes new ways of thinking for the way cities should be organised. What scenario’s can we create when we don’t use fossil fuel anymore? How can we use our imagination to challenge urban problems? Our studio worked on a series of way-finding installations during the conference of Urban Futures. The bright yellow […]


Amsterdam (DE)TOURS |

If you live in Amsterdam, you probably recognise the feeling of annoyance towards herds of tourists flocking on city center roads. You think to yourself: ‘Why do they all seem to walk up and down this ugly road between Central Station and Dam Square?! The city has so many other unique streets to explore…’ Exactly this topic challenged the city government […]


The Happiness Machine |

What is happiness and where can you find it these days? With an ever-growing ‘audience’ on social media, happiness seems to be sought outside of the self more and more. Can you actually feel better about yourself when others tell you that you are great? And does this type of happiness last long enough? This project questions what affirmation of the crowd can do to a […]


Trend Forum |

During the large Trend Forum ‘Futureland’ at De Modefabriek, forecaster Jan Agelink curated an interesting mix of objects and fashion items that together portrayed four important directions the fashion- and design industry is heading to. These directions are called Roaming – referring to modern nomadism and craftsmanship, Youniverse – a new trend of mindfullness, Factory of the Future – playful materials and a tech-y DoItYourself approach […]


Adidas NMD_ |

Adidas is releasing their newest sneaker label  NMD_. As a festive announcement the brand throws a party for music, media and sports influentials. This fashionable event is dedicated to urban nomadism; the lifestyle that inspired the sneakers. This 3D setting was created in line with the brand image, presenting graphic urban patterns on blocks. In this ‘miniature urban landscape’ guests could take photos to […]


Between Science and Fiction |

Einstein’s theory on locality has been proven wrong. Quantum physicists at the TU Delft have announced that so called ‘entanglement’ of particles at a large distance exists. This has been one of the most fundamental claims of quantum theory — that objects separated by great distance can instantaneously affect each other’s behavior, without being physically connected by another medium. But until last […]


Old + New KLM |

A life-size mobile installation turns around in the large window of De Bijenkorf on Dam square. It shows products that are made of old KLM businessclass leftover materials, like carpets and seat lining. These inventive products are designed by students from Design Academy. KLM has undergone a large transformation in their businessclass cabins but does not want to waste the old, memorable materials. KNOL designed the mobile […]


Suggestive Constructions |

What do you design for a fashion event that will only come alive for two short days? This challenge is answered by temporary constructions and ‘suggestions’ of space. With these suggestions we mean (wooden) outlines in the form of frameworks, mirrored blocks that create optical illusions, popping colours and walls of curtain. The idea behind the spatial layout is simple: place […]


Room for Inspiration |

Stress – especially work related stress – is a major issue in our current society. According to Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek, 10% of the Dutch working population suffers from burnout symptoms. Yearly, 30.000 people are declared incapacitated by mental health problems, of whom 9000 (30%) due to stress and overload. Stress at work is an emerging problem, affecting people […]


Kip + Ei |

The chicken and the egg, inseparably connected in the circle of life. During the summer edition of the Modefabriek we show them together in their full glory. Stylish black and white chickens gave the immense and impersonal fair hall of the RAI a friendly rural atmosphere. Installation Chicken + Egg was set up as an integral part of the ‘Food Market’; […]


Illusions of a small world |

Illuminated by 10 overhead projectors, a transparent insect city takes shape. This miniature city houses different insect species. The buildings are connected by transparent ‘highways’ to motivate the insects to mix and move around. The overheads display silhouettes of the insect movements on all surrounding walls. Based on the book Metamorphosis by Kafka, visitors of this installation are on one hand looking […]


Proeftuinen |

A food installation for Eindhoven Cultural Capital 2018. Lunch is provided through ‘photo-sets’, with several furniture objects from which the 350 visitors can take their food. The three photo sets represent different sectors in the food industry of the future: the high-tech farm factory, the micro-scale food lab and the small local city gardens. Both innovations in technology and social […]


Diamonds |

Behind the old facade of a former diamond grinder in the center of Amsterdam, KNOL made a sparkling piece for the entrance hall of the newly designed building owned by CREA, the cultural organisation of the Universiteit van Amsterdam. On the back wall, wind turbines regulate the air of the hall. This subtle force is used to let the glossy transparent elements […]


Transit Mantra – Prototype |

Preliminary phase of the project; building + testing the prototype and designing the interaction. The installation is an interactive swarm, fed by movements of people walking by. Its modules are then activated, and start to form a pattern of light and soft electronic sound. The interaction is a direct reaction to the character of the movement. When a lone pedestrian […]


Intersections |

Glass jars filled with intersections of food and plants on water, form a colourful table composition; The work shows a new approach on a traditional still life setting.   Influences of the technological revolution are interwoven, proclaiming the digital era. An experiment in which natural food is mutated by the technological and chemical revolution. The work was shown at Biennale […]


Light flock |

Spatial moving object designed for the open atrium in the city hall in Eindhoven. The installation bends incoming natural light and reflects changing colour patterns on floor and walls of the building. Abstract stained glass modules react like a flock of birds on changing situations in the space. In the city hall, people come for passports, drivers licences and other civil […]