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Post Fossil City |

Climate change. Who hasn’t seen the images of lonely polar bears balancing on the melting ice blocks? The warning signs have been blinking red for years: it’s time to get rid of oil, coal, and gas. No more fossil fuels. And then what? Emptiness. Most of us have no clue what a post-fossil future looks like. We simply can’t imagine […]


Between Science and Fiction |

Einstein’s theory on locality has been proven wrong. Quantum physicists at the TU Delft have announced that so called ‘entanglement’ of particles at a large distance exists. This has been one of the most fundamental claims of quantum theory — that objects separated by great distance can instantaneously affect each other’s behavior, without being physically connected by another medium. But until last […]

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Quantum Physics Materialized |

The world-changing and yet so intangible research in the field of Quantum Physics is for most of us something completely incomprehensible. For many years now, a group of researchers in Delft is trying to find proof of so called ‘quantum entanglement’, which would tackle Einstein’s theory on locality. In short, quantum entanglement means that particles can be connected over a large distance […]