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Collective [Ir]Rationality |

Studio KNOL researches mass behaviour in artspace MU. Each year, the Dutch Design Week draws hundreds of thousands of people who crowd the town expecting to be surprised. But what moves them? Taking this question as a starting point, Studio KNOL creates an experimental exhibition together with art space MU that researches the (ir)rational behaviour of the masses. With Collective [Ir]Rationality, Studio KNOL […]


The Happiness Machine |

What is happiness and where can you find it these days? With an ever-growing ‘audience’ on social media, happiness seems to be sought outside of the self more and more. Can you actually feel better about yourself when others tell you that you are great? And does this type of happiness last long enough? This project questions what affirmation of the crowd can do to a […]


Between Science and Fiction |

Einstein’s theory on locality has been proven wrong. Quantum physicists at the TU Delft have announced that so called ‘entanglement’ of particles at a large distance exists. This has been one of the most fundamental claims of quantum theory — that objects separated by great distance can instantaneously affect each other’s behavior, without being physically connected by another medium. But until last […]


Old + New KLM |

A life-size mobile installation turns around in the large window of De Bijenkorf on Dam square. It shows products that are made of old KLM businessclass leftover materials, like carpets and seat lining. These inventive products are designed by students from Design Academy. KLM has undergone a large transformation in their businessclass cabins but does not want to waste the old, memorable materials. KNOL designed the mobile […]


Room for Inspiration |

Stress – especially work related stress – is a major issue in our current society. According to Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek, 10% of the Dutch working population suffers from burnout symptoms. Yearly, 30.000 people are declared incapacitated by mental health problems, of whom 9000 (30%) due to stress and overload. Stress at work is an emerging problem, affecting people […]


Transit Mantra |

Far more than anything the city is a spot where we are continually in transition. Transit Mantra resounds the energy of our movements in the urban landscape. The knowledge of getting in transition now becomes a pleasant moment of reflection. A symbiosis of beautiful design and an improved sense of safety, that is how the installation ‘Transit Mantra’ is best described. Since […]


Foodlab+ |

During the Dutch Design Week 2011, Foodlab+ has opened its doors in Het Ketelhuis; a former industrial building at Strijp-s Eindhoven that has been vacant for years, and is now transformed into a lively meeting place by Andre Amaro. In the Foodlab+, any experiment around food can be done, and people from different disciplines can apply for an ‘artist in residence’ […]


Transit Mantra – Prototype |

Preliminary phase of the project; building + testing the prototype and designing the interaction. The installation is an interactive swarm, fed by movements of people walking by. Its modules are then activated, and start to form a pattern of light and soft electronic sound. The interaction is a direct reaction to the character of the movement. When a lone pedestrian […]


Intersections |

Glass jars filled with intersections of food and plants on water, form a colourful table composition; The work shows a new approach on a traditional still life setting.   Influences of the technological revolution are interwoven, proclaiming the digital era. An experiment in which natural food is mutated by the technological and chemical revolution. The work was shown at Biennale […]


The Liquid Project |

Around the world, a growing number of independent contractors and freelancers stroll from meeting to meeting only pausing for lunch or coffee. We define them as Modern Nomads. Hip, young, social and ambitious professionals, involved in a variety of interesting projects. These modern nomads are able to assign any place to be their ‘temporary office’, since they do not have […]

foto: Raf Gorissen

Still Life Revised |

A series of 3 still life settings, showing an imaginary perspective on how the future of food culture changes under influence of technology. Project in cooperation with Sylvie Meuffels


Technofood |

More and more, technology merges with our daily life. Also our food is increasingly subject to new forms of production and consumption. TNO is an important research and innovation organ in The Netherlands. One of their research divisions is completely dedicated to 3D food printing. Eventually, we will be able to print our complete meal artificially; meat will for example […]


Light flock |

Spatial moving object designed for the open atrium in the city hall in Eindhoven. The installation bends incoming natural light and reflects changing colour patterns on floor and walls of the building. Abstract stained glass modules react like a flock of birds on changing situations in the space. In the city hall, people come for passports, drivers licences and other civil […]


Enlighted Thoughts |

A design for the ‘circus of thoughts’, a show in theater Carre Amsterdam. The dancers’ movements are connected through technology, expressing an enlighted thought. The ornaments light up whenever the dancers touch certain connection points on their own or each others body, enlighting their performing space.