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foto: Rob 't Hart

Skinned |

SKINNED is a growing collection of fragile mold-casts from places. Memorable parts of buildings and other ‘solid’ spaces can be copied endlessly into foldable skins. These thin fragments of spatial memory show specific details of the structure or material of the original place, but also capture dirt. Like skin transplantations they can be taken to other spaces where they get […]


Rope | Access |

With the use of Rope Access techniques, the most exclusive part of vacancy becomes accessible. An exploration of the forgotten space by using the vertical axis provided an unique penthouse perspective. High above a staggering amount of cubic meters of dusty air hides an oasis of light and calmness. There, right under the soft white skylights of the Van Gendthallen, grows […]

foto: Corneel de Wilde

Inside the White Whale |

KNOL is part of Studio Vacant NL. They present Inside the White Whale; large white container bags that can be used to create temporary spaces in any location imaginable. These new flexible spaces can serve a wide variety of purposes, and hereby provide an ideal strategy to colonize vacant buildings or other temporarily available places. When the big bag is […]


Vacant Appsterdam |

Appsterdam is a fast growing group of software developers (app makers) who are gathering in Amsterdam since Summer 2011. In cooperation with Studio Vacant NL they colonized a vacant building at the Westergasfabriek to create physical gravity in the software industry of Amsterdam. KNOL is part of Studio Vacant NL. They work on temporary interiors in vacant buildings. For this project, a […]