The Liquid Project |


Around the world, a growing number of independent contractors and freelancers stroll from meeting to meeting only pausing for lunch or coffee. We define them as Modern Nomads. Hip, young, social and ambitious professionals, involved in a variety of interesting projects. These modern nomads are able to assign any place to be their ‘temporary office’, since they do not have a fixed working space. They work in public transport, coffee corners and hotels, always seamlessly adapting to their new environment.


Once office hierarchy and top-down management dominated, now more and more people are breaking out of this traditional structure. the hierarchical approach has given way to a more co-creative, level playing field. Projects will no longer be initiated by directors, but will emerge within a cluster of people, all of them being individual freelancers. This new way of working creates a lot of freedom, since people can choose themselves what to work on, whenever, wherever, and most important, with whomever they want.

But how do these individuals find each other? Wouldn’t it be great to get connected to people that have shared ambitions, and eventually becoming part of exciting new projects?


THE LIQUID PROJECT is a service design that is an answer to this shift in our society structure and enables ‘modern nomads’ to look for new projects, enriching them with inspiration, insights and new sources of income.  The freedom of being a modern nomad means working within society instead of a walled office, making data available instead of secured. On the other side, it excludes them from the (financial) comfort and feedback the safe office environment offers.By connecting these individuals within a network, a professional structure will emerge. A service that provides freelancers with ‘colleagues’, letting them be part of a worldwide working sphere.

In other words, ‘The Liquid Project’ is a platform that every ambitious individual can get connected to, housing an enormous and growing number of people and projects.It consists of an environment where projects are shared. Modern nomads can be invited or apply for a project. Around a new uploaded project, a team emerges, each team member having their own share in the final result. Since this platform is interactive, team members can rate each others input, resulting in high quality work and valuable feedback. Financially, all team members can be rewarded in relation to their ratings in the project, in this way they are paid for their efficient contribution.

When working on a project in for instance a coffee bar, a modern nomad will use a tangible portal that converts any location into his personal temporary workspace. The interface of the workfield stimulates the user to connect to other modern nomads working nearby. This lowers the barrier to get in contact also in the physical world.

“The Liquid Project” redefines the professional network experience through the excitement of endless and fulfilling collaborations.


Shortlisted for the Fujitsu Design Award 2011