Trend Forum |


During the large Trend Forum ‘Futureland’ at De Modefabriek, forecaster Jan Agelink curated an interesting mix of objects and fashion items that together portrayed four important directions the fashion- and design industry is heading to. These directions are called Roaming – referring to modern nomadism and craftsmanship, Youniverse – a new trend of mindfullness, Factory of the Future – playful materials and a tech-y DoItYourself approach and Code Error – based on an apocalyptic era and survival mode.

These four pillars are  translated into installations / pavilions, filled with items by both upcoming and established talents. Visitors were invited to reflect on the four themes in this lively sensorial experience. Studio Knol was responsible for the spatial design of the forum, physicalising the trends.

In collaboration with Grietje Schepers and Harm Rensink


Photos by Raf Gorissen