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In-flight at home. In collaboration with Chris Bakker Studio KNOL designed the TROLLEYS closet for KLM, borrowing its function and style from the iconic airline aisle trolley. The cluster design was created to match the dynamic lifestyle of the urban nomad, using clever formations to accommodate more than a closet-load of belongings – ringing true to the old adage ‘fit your whole life in a box’. The design is made from poplar and oak wood, and is able to be customized in size and colour to suit your taste, and life-load!



This specific model has the following specifications bit can be customized upon request:

Dimensions // Height: 1.30 m // Width: 2.60 m // Depth: 1.30 m // sizes can be customized

Materials // Poplar wood (with light grey finish) // oak wood

Details // Caster wheels // stainless steel buckles // drawer systems

Pricing // Eur 7100,- // price depends on customized choice

Client // KLM // DDB & Tribal Amsterdam