Vacant Appsterdam |


Appsterdam is a fast growing group of software developers (app makers) who are gathering in Amsterdam since Summer 2011. In cooperation with Studio Vacant NL they colonized a vacant building at the Westergasfabriek to create physical gravity in the software industry of Amsterdam. KNOL is part of Studio Vacant NL. They work on temporary interiors in vacant buildings. For this project, a 24-hours ‘climate’ gives app-makers the chance to live their own day-night rhythm and surrender to a very personal workflow of coding. The installation at the upper floor of the westergasfabriek building plays with incoming light to enhance a disconnected day-night rhythm. The whole interior of this project is made out of cardboard. This zero-budget side effect shows the aesthetics of a bottum-up organization like Appsterdam. It is adaptive and quickly set-up.


Cardboard electricity chandelier by Jorien Kemerink and Sjoerd ter Borg, with plugs instead of lights. This object can be used above a collective worktable to plug in laptops or other devices.

A big arch (Design by Christiaan Bakker) divides upstairs with downstairs, and contains 142 unfolded cardboard vegetable boxes, left-over material from the Amsterdam food center.