100 jaar De Stijl |


This year De Stijl celebrates it’s 100th birthday. Volkskrant Magazine interviewed and portrayed 4  leading design offices about the presence and influence of De Stijl in the current design practive. Together with Aisha Zeijpveld Studio KNOL portrayed Sholten&Baijings, Sabine Marcelis, Maarten Baas and Raw Color.

published in the design issue of Volkskrant Magazine, 07-10-2017

Sabine Marcelis duo
Raw Color_duo
Maarten Baas_duo

Art direction | Aisha Zeijpveld and Studio KNOL
Design | Studio KNOL
Photography | Aisha Zeijpveld
Design assistance | Studio Sans Plus
Photography assistance | Timo Steenvoorden and Eva Roefs