Modefabriek |


Markets are temporary in nature; they can be built up and broken down in a very short time. People gather to buy and eat food products and to chat. This liveliness was the starting point of this interior of a large food area at MODEFABRIEK 2014, the most prominent fashion tradeshow in The Netherlands. For the duration of only 2 days, a big hall was transformed into a stylish food market. Building up this temporary interior, tells the story of an upscaled market place. The empty big building was momentarily brought to life with furniture installations and lots of human activity. The chosen materials had to fulfill their purpose of being collapsable, with time and budget as strong factors in the design process. The different areas in the  hall are color-coded, with large printed photos on canvas as a backdrop. These canvases are able to be moved sidewards on rails, serving as temporary shielding and providing more intimacy for people to eat. Ladders were installed above long tables and ‘dressed’ with kitchenware. — In collaboration with Hilde Koenders and Grietje Schepers.


The food can be collected from various market stalls.


In the middle of the hall a platform was built with an ‘a la carte’ restaurant by culinary cook Jaimie van Heije. Large black panels above made the ceiling lower and the atmosphere more intimate. A wooden open kitchen was the center of attention. Also this restaurant was temporary and operated for just 2 days.