Suggestive Constructions |


What do you design for a fashion event that will only come alive for two short days? This challenge is answered by temporary constructions and ‘suggestions’ of space. With these suggestions we mean (wooden) outlines in the form of frameworks, mirrored blocks that create optical illusions, popping colours and walls of curtain.

The idea behind the spatial layout is simple: place every item in the enormous rectangular hall at an angle of 45 degrees, and the result is an interesting world with diagonals and unexpected corners, different from a standard lineair tradeshow experience.

Functions that were integrated were a Seminar room, an Exhibition space on mirrored blocks, a large food hall, Coffee corners and a Bookstore (as shown from top to bottom). Openness and transparency are important factors in all of the spaces, which are carried out by wooden outlines that only ‘mark’ a volume of air, outlining a space. The seminar room has two remarkable entrances and windows that are cut out of the curtain wall. Passers-by are able to get a glimpse of the seminar that is held inside, and more listeners are attracted. Often, people were standing in front of a window, temporarily watching the show as if looking at a big screen.

Project by Jorien Kemerink (KNOL) and Christiaan Bakker for Modefabriek winter 2015.
Photos by Raf Gorissen and Jorien Kemerink

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The food areas were also devised with wooden frames and diagonal lines, setting a coherent style throughout the 4.500 square meter hall. A graphic black and white market served all the visitors with delicious food, which could be eaten on one of the 570 seats on various terraces.


Underneath the Bookstore is shown, in which every element is connected into one integrated structure: the chipwood tables are incremented by racks of shelves, which are connected to each other by beams that carry lighting and signing.