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More and more, technology merges with our daily life. Also our food is increasingly subject to new forms of production and consumption. TNO is an important research and innovation organ in The Netherlands. One of their research divisions is completely dedicated to 3D food printing. Eventually, we will be able to print our complete meal artificially; meat will for example have the same texture and taste as the original meat from the animal. On micro scale proteins, vitamins and other components will become printable.

For the Dutch Design Week 2009, KNOL developed a traveling lab of technologically mutated food. ‘Wagging’ carrots, a tomato juice transfusion and electrified lemons and grapes gave the visitors an alienating view on the future of our food culture. The lab was meant to stimulate a discussion about the influences of technology.

TNO asked KNOL to design a storytelling environment for their 3D food print division. We built a lab where the complex techniques were made imaginable. It helped TNO with making their futuristic innovations understandable to their potential clients.

TNOs kitchen 1
TNOs kitchen 4
TNOs kitchen 2
TNOs kitchen 5